To report an adverse event call: 877-641-3461

To report an adverse event call: 877-641-3461

Corporate Support
(CS) Grant

About CS Grants

Neurocrine is dedicated to furthering the goals of various professional, charitable, educational, and patient-focused organizations. In accordance with applicable laws and industry codes of conduct, Neurocrine provides funding and support in the form of sponsorships, charitable contributions, and independent medical education (IME) grants.

Areas of Interest

Organizations focused on advancing science and/or advocating for patients and families within therapeutic areas relevant to Neurocrine.

By clicking on the link, you will be redirected to a third-party grant portal where you can apply for available grants.

Submit Application

Required Documents

  • Letter of request on the requesting organization╩╝s letterhead specifying:
    • The amount of funds being requested
    • The recipient of the funds (eg, conference secretariat, if applicable)
    • How the funds will be used, along with a general expense breakdown
  • Detailed description of project or program for which the support is being requested (eg, scientific program, conference schedule, prospectus)

  • Copy of the W-9 form for the recipient of the funds
    • Foreign organizations must provide a copy of the W-8BEN-E for the recipient of the funds

Evaluation Criteria

  • Sponsorships must not be based on or linked to the prescribing, formulary, purchasing or reimbursement policies or practices of any institution

  • Organization must have an open membership policy and information about the organization should be publicly available or available upon request

  • Sponsorships cannot be made to or on behalf of individual Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) or group practices

  • Sponsorships may not be used to pay the cost of entertainment or recreational activities or to compensate for time spent at meetings by attendees. In addition, sponsorships may not be used to cover a capital or operating expense for the requesting institution or an HCP

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